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Wedding Rentals at your finger

Elegant Vintage Wedding Dress

A classy wedding dress for a classy bride!

The train that will leave your family and friends with a breathless feeling.

The item number: DR1 

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Classy Wedding Dress

For a evening wear to your reception or even to the wedding. Leave you feeling like a queen at a ball.

The item number: DR2

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Half White Royal Dress with v open front 

The item number: DR4

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Silver Elegant Dress

  • Girls and Women Formal Pleat Chiffon
  • One Shoulder Prom Dresses Long Gown

The item number: DR5

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Aqua green dress with studs on it

The item number: DR6

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Blue dress with the layer 

The item number: DR7

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Lace Wedding Veil 

Gorgeous white veil to give you that finish touch that will compliment your dress and your hair style.

The item number: VE1 

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Pretty Rhinestone Tiara 

Gorgeous Pretty Rhinestone Tiara Crown Exquisite Headband Comb Pin for Wedding Bridal, Birthday and other special events.

The item number: TI1   

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The Perfect Petticoat

The perfect petticoat for your wedding or special event to give that dress the right look!

White 6-HOOP Petticoat Wedding Gown Crinoline Petticoat Skirt Slip.

The item number: PE1

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Elegant White Lace Parasol Umbrella & Hand Fan.

For Bridal Wedding Decoration, taking photos and other events.

The item number: UM1  

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Beautiful Finger less Rhinestone Pearls Bridal Gloves 

The item number: BG1

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The Perfect Wedding Pillow Set

This Wedding Pillow Set will be perfect for your dream wedding.

Whether you want a classy white set as seen in picture or customized with your colors.

The item number: WPS1 

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